A Little Introduction to Bixie


So we want to fill you in on Bixie. She’s a 2 1/2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We don’t know anything about who raised her from a puppy, but we do know that she was given up for her aggression problem. Little by little we should be able to piece her history together from what we observe in her now. She did go through some kind of behavioral program and her papers from the vet say they were considering putting her on meds.

Luckily we got her before that happened, as once a dog gets on this insane practice rehabilitating them is much more difficult. Aggressive dogs aren’t suffering from a chemical imbalance, they’re suffering from an emotional blockage, this is why they have an unbalanced neurochemistry. Psychotropic drugs numb them to the very core we need to get to in order to release the emotional block.

She arrived from Alabama a week ago, driven up with other adoptees. Here’s a picture of her crate with the evidence of why she was given up twice.


Yep, that cute little girl draws blood. (Not ours though!)


So Kevin took her out of the crate and began to supple her neck, this will be a big part of her rehabilitation. Next we walked her around a little bit before saying goodbye to Jeanette and bringing Bixie inside to her new home.


Once inside we didn’t just let her loose. She is on the leash at all times. If we can’t sit with her then she goes into the crate, just like a baby that you can’t keep your eye on and so gets placed into the playpen. The crate is for her protection (and ours), it’s not a punishment.


This is the routine for the first few days and then we’ll start slowly working with her.


16 thoughts on “A Little Introduction to Bixie

  1. It makes me so happy and excited that you are doing this and sharing the process. I and so many have so much to learn! Every day I see formerly shut-down Cholula play with Moxie or turn into a puppy in a field of dogs on a snowy hill, I thank Kevin’s methods and Natural Dog training for helping me bring my dog back to life.

  2. We have a 4 yr old Pembroke corgies named Finn.&a 10 yr old named Fern.Both from Vermont.Finn has been through behavior classes that have taught me & my husband basic dog behavior.Finn is a devoted loving dog who has issues with other dogs except Fern &dogs in our relative’s families. He loves people but on leash he has high anxiety with other dogsWe constantly remind him he is not in charge .
    Thanks so much for this Corgi blog we’ll be watching .

  3. Hi Kevin and Agi, Just found this – looking forward to more. Having trained with Kevin since 1998 and seen him turn pirañas into puppies, I have no doubt Bixie will soon enough be asking for belly rubs.

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